Daily Prompt: EAzY ANSWER- “I’ve seen smilin’ faces in wilder places” EAZY said

If you’ve ever read anything I’ve written- which, presumably you haven’t, (ya probably just typed in “weed” on google,    you stonerrrr!) you will find out I’m a weed fiend. Some pot-head totally fucking invented this prompt. I’d like to buy them a steak.


--So #1. I would set up a place for my “crops,” cultivation, harvesting- if you will… it’d probably take me one or 50 times 1111besttto fucking get that shit right- but I’d get it goin.’ Shit would be, well- MYSTICAL. Maybe i’ll see ya there.

—Number 2.  A bomb-ass finished basement. But I dont mean a ritzy-ass person’s basement.  I mean like the real deal. Wall to Wall Carpetted (absolutely no wood floors- makes it look like I’m tryin’2 look even a hint classy, and I’m trying to stay as far away from classy, AS POSSIBLE.) A sectional couch that like wraps around a whole wall and a half of the basement-probably like a dark tan color, or like maroon.  Or like mahogany. “Oxblood” some might call that color.  okay whoopss, just went on a real stoned tangent based on a hue of a color, didnt I.  sorry about that.

—-number 3. I’d have some  fucking dope motherfuckin’ EAZY E and NWA playing for at least 40% of my shit. But we all 1111bestknow it really IS mostly Eazy who dominates NWA. NWA wouldn’t have survived without him. His voice is like a fuckin missing piece to a gold mine- although it looks harmless, if you tried to discard it, the gold mine would fall and be destroyed. I mean that shit’s crazy, he’s that good.

OK IM GONNA HAVE TO MAKE SURE YOU REMEMBER EVEN JUST ONE THING B4 YOU LEAVE MY SITE- please hear EAZY- stoners, this one’s doooppppee when you’re high. How crazy is his voice- is like the most smooth yet crude voice in the world. For people who may be both sociology/philosophy/eastern religious theology/ psychology majors or minors as well as stoners, here is one for YOUS , kids.—–a side note those who have those particular majors: you might feel you’ve been through the pain of any adult, kid and that they’re just better able to tune out bull-shit or mentally stonger etc- but as you get older, shit just gets easier to accept. Ive been through a lot, I’m not gonna lie. But here I am.                                                 “I’ve seen smilin’ faces in wilder places.” EAZY

-—-number 4: Shit, there would be a lots o’ these music chats we’re havin’ here- and there are a SHIT-TON. Give me a band- eg: The Beatles, or a GROUP- eg: Wu Tang, or a solo artist- eg:  NAS, leonard cohen, bob dylan, etc., or a few group members who are also solo artists-  eg: ODB, EAZY E, Paul Simon, Neil Young, Joe Walsh- much more

——number 5. . That’s my number 5. Like seriously, it’s my numero 5-  i really just fucking did that. What about that,

Is this love is this love is this love THAT I'M FEELIN'

huh? Can you imagine?

——-number 6. There is so much more to my imaginary/impossible house.  basement- a big screen tv, an oxblood sectional, a mini bar, a pool table, and soooooo much more. fuck but im like high/coming down from my high, so I’m like shit- REALITY… gotta take a shower and start my day. FUN. YEAH, FUN. REALLLLLLLL FUCKING FUN.

I’m pretty sure that, by now, I have spent far too much time attempting to write about this imaginary, impossible house, yet NOT writing about this impossible/imaginary house- whoops. and I should have done other shittt. But that’s cool. THIS GOT MY EIGHT BALL ROLLIN… and guess what, folks. I’m going- with gusto, to school today! im gonna hold my head up high and proud.

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