Please forgive this gal

Lo siento MAS MAS MAS MAS for abandoning you, dear friend.  I do sound crazy as shit I’m sure. But still I do apologize to some one (maybe just myself) for not updating you in MONTHS! But guess what- thaaaat’s because my mothafukkin LIFE has changed. Not just my life, but my fucking mind set.  My decisions. I even question things that I’ve denied for a gazillion years( and sometimes continue to), but the fact that I even question some shit at all wouldn’t have happened 4 months ago. 

And don’t punch me in the vagina for telling you it’s time for me to try to get ready for beddy-bye.  Because when I DO fully update you (I know the above is not quite an explanatory summary-),it’s gonna be worth the wait.




It’s been a long time comin’

I apologize-to myself, to this blog, etc.- for LEGIT NEGLECTING IT for more than a fucking month :( .  And this one will hardly even count as a goddamn post because I have to get back to studying. I got Netflix, too man…NETFLIX= SUBSTITUTE FOR FRIENDS!

(Not really, but at the time being, it shall do :) )

I’ll be back- ASAP. And I’ve been writing on here for more than a year- time to name you, good fella! That shall be my next task.

Much <3


Fly on, Little Wing

This song is one of the many that just touches my soul. I love music so much


I am currently enrolled in a certificate program which starts in Febuary (the beginning of it!).  I’m nervous as fuck. Look @ how hard it was for me last semester to wake the fuck up before noon last year! Ihave to pause. It’s like a week, or maybe 4 days since I wrote the latter, but I realize I was senselessly “noi”vous! For some reason! And negative as fuck! If I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do it with pride.  You can’t actually even be happy if you aren’t at least a little proud of yourself.

So fuck that negative shit! NOTgonna be a negative Nancy! Negative Nancy killed Positive Pam today!

I think I should start doing these “THEME” posts. Ya know, cuz I got so much in my head, that I can’t talk about everything. There’s a lot in up there, believe it or not. Much of it deranged, but even so-

Shit forgot what was goin on  there. Fly free, you young hooligans! I will talk to you soon to discuss my next year or so’s plan! So, be excited! ok? BE FUCKING EXCITED!  okay, LOVEEE YA’LLL.


Can the 2 vibe? We’ll see



Today my friend texted me to ask if I wanted to be the passer-outter-of gifts girl at her baby shower.  She’s due in fuckin March! I really can’t even believe it—I mean, she  can’t really, either, but it happened, they’ve been together for 4 yrs by the time the baby comes, and it’ll all be great.  I mean, yeah the normal shitty ass stuff happens to everyone, no matter what the quality of their circumstances currently. I’m sure that’s just bein’ a Mom. 
But this friend of mine, before she got pregs, was like me- a fuckin’ stoner – —she actually has 2 years on me when it comes to smokin’    

the chronic. My question is, what the fuck? WILL I NEVER BE ABLE TO SMOKE WEED WITH HER AGAIN EVEN AFTER SHE POPS THAT THING OUT?! I talked to her on Xmas, and unless my terrifyingly bad memory fails me, she was talking about how much she misses it.  [GOOD SIGN!!]

Toodle fuckin’ loo, guys!

Seriously Sinful Sinners* Daily Prompt

You have been transformed into a mystical being who has the ability to do magic. Describe your new abilities in detail. How will you use your new skills?    <——————- Link to the Daily Prompt


I’m gonna be hella fuckin’ annoying and pretend I once had super powers, and sort of gained them because of the surreal experience I encountered (Doesn’t THAT sound entertaining), and the power, I believe, is truly the bond between the living and the dead.DMSkulls                                                                       There is shit out there- my dream is that there’s someone out there so great that instead of denying seriously sinful sinners at the Pearly Gates, up into heaven, they hold on to the people who have unfinished business.  Because these people didn’t have enough time- and there was so much motherfucking shit to be done.   Mr.  Motherfuckin death got in the way. Again.

I think that’s where my dad is.  I think that’s where Jana’s dad is.  I think that’s where many people are, but they only make the ones with the most un-fucking-finished business stay there for an allotted amount of time.

And so it went. I used to hear my dad’s footsteps.  It was at a slow pace (slow to the point that an average Joe would be creeped out) in the attic from downstairs.  I knew it wasn’t the cats, because the cats made a distinct scattering sound, and the weight of the clogs were identical sounding to his.  As was his slow strut.  I know these details not only because I lived with him the last 2 years of his life but also, those last 2 weeks we formed a bond- one I couldn’t describe to the living. That’s not to say I don’t believe other people haven’t experienced it- I bet everyone has or will.

It’s just not something that I have the ability to describe.  There are moments I feel he’s with me, right by my side possibly- but I just can’t reach him.  And the infallibility of this reoccurring traumatic episode ‘s theory is astounding.

Although the last bit was sad, it was definitely a magical sense that I caught.  I believe the dead and the living aren’t as far away from each other as we think.  In fact, the MORE we think, the closer we get to our own inner fuckin’ world.  Now that’s fucking Magic.

Peace to ALLLLLLLLL The God’s on the Earth. Word is bond.


OK, pretty soon it’s gonna say January 1st because (although its been a year) I never reallly got around to changing it. Whatever because ALAS, tis’ a new year. Tis a New Year to be just as fucking lazy as I was in the old year. That’s okay- I have ACCEPTED that character flaw!

But I don’t want people to think I’m writing on January 1st, ya know for the record.  Jamie, Mike and Piney, and “my girls” -the ones i nanny for- are going to a New Year’s Eve Party- Piney asked if I wanted to go, I’m like “WELLL did Jamie invite me/did you ask him?” 

Piney said (in texting dialect) that “Yep. He’s been asking me to for a few days now. ” Hmm.

Here’s to 2013, and may we dance on our enemies graves this year, 2014. Love all ya’ll !  -Neri

DSC_0073Hi all. I’m gonna throw a few bullet point updates about my life at you real quick that I may not have updated any regular readers on.  HEREEE GOESSS:

My BFF came home the 20th.  Been a magical time, and also

  • I’ve also lost my sense of time.
  • I’ve become a formidable blunt roller.
  • I’ve gathered up enough courage to not totally out-smoke the shit of my herbs.  MUST PRESERVE THE HERB!
  • I have many goals and insights on the year 2014- which is headed our way, but instead, I’m about to light up. About to ROLL THIS SHIT, LIGHT THIS  SHIT, AND SMOKE IT.
  • But don’t worry-I WILL get down to bid-niss soon. With the goals and all that shit. OK have a good night everybody. PEACE, I’m outta here